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Changing a Porsche 911 wheel bearing

22 Jan 2014

We’ve just changed the rear wheel bearings on a customer’s Porsche 911 Carrera 3.2. Always a fun job!


The Porsche 911 has large rear wheel bearings – too big for most pullers and presses. For this reason, we made up our own press using a piece of bronze tubing. Having the right tool always makes a job easier, but it’s still not our favourite task as the bearings are invariably very tight to get off.


Wheel bearings have a decent lifespan and you’ll know when one is failing as you’ll hear an annoying whining from the rear end, which may be more apparent during cornering. Don’t assume that the noise is a bearing, though, as it is easy to mistake it for other problems – we’ve even come across cheap tyres that make a noise suspiciously like worn wheel bearing!


On this Porsche, though, we pinned it down to the wheel bearings and, once we got them off, it was very apparently that they were worn, with noticeable movement in them.


If you’re in the West Sussex/Hampshire area, do please get in touch for Porsche servicing and repair.