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Porsche inspection

12 Feb 2014


Something we do a lot of here at AW Motor Sport are Porsche inspections; either to prepare cars being sold by dealer clients, or for private customers wanting a pre-purchase inspection (or PPI).


Today we had a Porsche Cayenne S belonging to Philip Raby. As with all cars, we have a multipoint checklist which we go through, checking everything from suspension joints, to oil leaks, to electrical systems, as well as tyres, brakes, power steering and so on. We insist on doing this in the workshop so that we can get the car up in the air to check the underside – you can’t do that on the roadside.


Once we’re happy that nothing is amiss, we then take the car for a test drive – driving a car is a great way to get a feel for it and check that everything is as it should be.


In the case of this Cayenne, all we found was a failed bulb – a good result!


If you want a Porsche or other performance car inspected please get in touch.