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Dropping a Porsche 911 engine

19 Jul 2013


Like the Beetle’s, a Porsche 911 engine is removed from below, and that stands true for all models, from 1963 to 2012, plus Boxsters and Caymans.


In many ways, it’s easier than hoisting an engine upwards through the bonnet, which is the case on most cars. You just need to have the car high enough off the ground and the engine drops right out. The exhaust system stays on the engine, too, which saves messing around disconnecting rusty and inaccessible fittings.


OK, it’s not quite that simple. On modern Porsches, such as this 997, there’s a fair bit of work involved in disconnecting the various pipes and cables from the engine (air-cooled cars had an advantage here as they had no water pipes!). We allow four hours to get an engine out, and about the same to put it back again.


It’s good that it’s straightforward to drop a Porsche 911 engine, as you need to do so for various jobs on the car. In this case, the engine had to come out simply to renew some air-conditioning pipes.

Look at how large a modern Porsche 911 engine is when it’s out of the car. Of course, much of that is the exhaust system but it’s still a chunky unit.